Why don’t doctors have a healthy life style????

Why don’t most of the doctors have a healthy life style ?

There is no doubt that doctors(MBBS) are the most knowledgeable on healthy lifestyle both physical as well as physiological. Paradoxically we find a lot of doctors not sticking to so-called balanced diet, physical exercises , mind relaxing techniques and so on…What can be the reasons behind this.

1) Time factor

Since entering the medical school until retiring, doctors are busy. As medical students they have plenty of assessments, research projects,Vivas, group discussions which keep them occupied always. Once they start-up their career as doctors they spend most of their time with patients.In addition they become busy with acquiring new knowledge & skills , research activities and Postgraduate studies. In terms of their meals they have their meals only when it’s possible and whatever is available.So the knowledge on healthy lifestyle becomes limited to their brains.

2) Their passion is deferent

Doctors are fond of talking to patients , examining them to diagnose and treat.They find their satisfaction in that scope . Very few doctors enjoy cycling , playing a sport , going to gym ,enjoying music or meditating . They rarely dream of six packs or an hourglass body shape. Engage in something you don’t enjoy is tough .

3) They focus on others

If a patient is becoming bad any doctor would be there in no time, if a patient misses a single drug dose there is no one who would be worried more than the doctor.They are all conscious about what and when do their patients eat . In fact the seldom focus on their own meals and habits.

4) Work stress

There is no doubt that doctor is one of the most stressful professions because they have the direct responsibility of patients. A single mistake can end a life . Having this impression in the back of their mind keep the doctors stressed up continuously .

These are just few reasons why most of the doctors are unable to spend a healthy lifestyle.Indeed the reasons should be considered in an individualized way.

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