Should Doctors get involved in Politics ???




To provide a better healthcare for the population , doctors must not be confined to subject matter , but also should work to improve entire healthcare system.It is no doubt that politics always affect each and every field of medicine from allocating funds for health care to making major decisions related to healthcare.
Should Doctors get involved in the political activities of their communities & countries ?. There are several opinions .

Some believe that as politics directly affect healthcare system & doctors , doctors also should build up a voice for the betterment of healthcare.People appreciate advices of doctors & are always willing to listen to them.So doctors have a great capacity of creating a influence on politics. But this politics need not to be party politics where the opinions of the doctors are biased due to political party strategies. Doctors should always stand with rights of the patients and betterment of healthcare in the future.

The traditional way of thinking is that doctors should preserve the dignity of their profession  by getting involved only in medical related fields. But They Can do so until the politics does not badly influence the profession and healthcare system. On the other hand of the true objective is to improve the healthcare in the future ,no one can blame the doctors who are engaged in political stream.

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