MCCEE (Canada)

The MCCEE is a screening examination that assesses the basic medical knowledge and problem solving of a candidate at a level comparable to a minimally competent medical student completing his or her medical education in Canada and about to enter supervised practice. It provides the candidate with an estimate of the probability of his or her chances of succeeding in the Canadian system. It is not designed to test uniquely Canadian content. Access is international, with the MCCEE delivered through a service provider at 500 sites in over 80 countries. It is a prerequisite for international medical graduates (IMGs) to challenge the MCCQE Part I, and it is the minimal requirement for an IMG’s entry into postgraduate medical education in Canada.

The MCCEE is a four-hour computer-based exam that assesses your basic medical knowledge and readiness to enter your first year of supervised postgraduate training in Canada. It includes 180 multiple-choice questions covering:

Child health
Maternal health
Adult health
Mental health
Population health and ethics

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